Contributors & Friends

Meet the Friends who make the B&T project possible.


Barbara Owner

Twenty years a humanitarian aid worker, I have been transferred to the four corners of the world before returning to the shores of Lake Leman where I grew up. I know the pressure of combining a move with a full-time job – not to mention negotiating the hurdles of a foreign language. I look forward to sharing the joys of our region with you!

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Natalia Client Relations

I have spent the last sixteen years in the organization and administration of humanitarian operations in many countries, including Switzerland. I have myself negotiated the hurdles of the legal and administrative procedures of relocation in Europe, and look forward to saving you the hassles so that you and your family may land smoothly in our region.

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Nathalie Professional Coach

Twenty years an expatriate in Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the US, I have now resettled in the Geneva area. I look forward to positioning your spouse or partner on the local labour market, with the intention of turning the initial stress of moving into a renewed professional drive.



Flore Chef at Home and Kitchen Coach

Having worked in humanitarian aid for fifteen years I have now entered the food business in the Geneva area. Raised in a long family tradition of gourmets, I look forward to helping you organize your kitchen around our local products, markets and shops, as well as cooking classes and set menus: I will be your Chef at Home for your housewarming event and other functions!

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